Cozy with Concrete

Make Time For Play

By nick | Feb 19, 2019

A key element in character development is the maturity to know when it’s time to be serious, and time to play. In our work, sometimes they can be mixed up; like when doing dyed a shuffleboard court or epoxy coated pickle board court. It won’t be any fun if our measurements are off, or we install […]

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Minimal Exposure (Cream – Class A) Polished Concrete

By nick | Nov 23, 2018

Hard. Dense. Beautiful. The cap or ‘cream’ finish on concrete displays the finishing and craftsmanship that goes into each concrete pour.  This type of finished floor is often desired for its no-nonsense simplicity and affordability, while other times it demands attention for its aesthetic flows of color and movement. Either way – our job is to enhance, […]

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An Ounce of Prevention

By nickm | Sep 27, 2018

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Ben Franklin In our industry, a pound of cure often results in change orders, and delayed schedules. It’s what our nightmares are made of. We are much more interested in the ounce of prevention, it’s how we “Prepare for the Win!” We have found […]

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Doing Crappy Work Feels Crappy. 

By nick | Jul 24, 2018

When I was 18 years old, I worked full-time in construction and started a business called Shiner. After work and on my weekends I worked on my side business detailing cars in my hometown. This business was like an 18-year old’s Lemonade stand. I made flyers and would stick them on peoples cars while they were […]

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People Are Unique and Different

By nick | Jul 18, 2018

Building an Amazing Company  People make great organizations. Try to imagine Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb. Hundreds, maybe thousands of failed attempts, to get the filament just right. Do you imagine a man with crazy hair, working by candlelight in a small shop, secluded, drawings, scribbles, and the previous failed attempts strewed across a messy […]

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The Balance of Safety and Cleaning – Using GRIT in Coatings

By nick | Apr 21, 2018

We want it all from our floors; low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, safe, durable, and cost effective. That is what makes great design; being able to blend these factors in a way that you can find the perfect balance for your project. This post is to discuss two factors that seem to be in a constant […]

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By nick | Apr 9, 2018

Day In. Day Out. Do The Work. Steady, Effective, Simple, Strategies before Scale. In any noble calling, any goal towards a more fruitful future, any time we set a pace for something to be accomplished, we will encounter ‘resistance.’ Anything that is positive must have an accompanying negative charge. Any hero needs its enemy – […]

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Trenching Through Polished Concrete

By nick | Mar 21, 2018

Ever walk into a remodeled space with polished concrete and notice all the plumbing trenches throughout the space? Those 12″ – 16″  paths of concrete with cut extensions running through the floor? When done poorly, these trenches trap extra dirt, look very different than the surrounding surface, and may not polish like the other parts of […]

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Coating Epoxy Floors – Epoxies and Urethanes 

By nick | Feb 17, 2018

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] Have you ever tried using a combo shampoo/conditioner? You know the product that claims to be able to shampoo and condition all in one step; saving you time, money and be the cure-all for your hair cleansing needs? Well maybe if you have a crew cut this is a great fit, but anyone with longer […]

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