Sealed concrete is an affordable flooring finish that will prolong the durability and appearance of your floors.

StrongTread Hardwear is a sealing system that incorporates the same penetrating products used in a fully polished concrete process. Fully penetrating concrete densification and stain guard products make this a good fit where abrasion resistance, easy cleaning, and a sealed concrete floor that continues to harden over time are required. This is a less intensive option for larger spaces or where affordability is important.

Finishes: Subtle Sheen
Uses: Agriculture, storage, mezzanines, municipalities, warehousing

StrongTread Saver is an affordable sealed concrete system that uses penetrating sealers and stain guards to protect the finished floor and leave a long-lasting impression. This system provides a more durable finish than traditional acrylic concrete sealers, as the products we use penetrate the concrete and harden over time to make the floor abrasion resistant and easy to clean.

Finishes: Subtle Sheen
Uses: Retail, municipality, offices

StrongTread Cure is a sealing system that incorporates a premium concrete densifier used during the concrete placement process. This is the most affordable concrete sealing system with better long-term durability than traditional acrylic curing compounds or concrete sealers. This system is popular in storage facilities and large manufacturing spaces.

Finishes: Honed
Uses: Cold Storage, warehousing, manufacturing
*Only available on new concrete placements

TreadWell Clear+ is designed as a hybrid system to provide the look of polished concrete with the topical sealing advantages of epoxies and urethanes. This system offers stain and water resistance and is a good fit in wet areas where a polished concrete look is desired, or additional finish options are needed.

Finishes: Gloss, Satin, Satin w/ GRIP
Uses: Light-duty kitchens, restrooms, cafeterias, theaters, residential, wet areas