Yearly Themes

Every year we host a theme in our business. It's a fun way to bring a new attitude and thinking process into our company for the year. We celebrate it with handouts, new t-shirts, and signs in our business. It's also our belief that businesses have the opportunity to impact people beyond just the products or services they sell.

For The Craft

2024 Theme

For The Craft. 

Anyone can learn a skill, but developing The Craft requires dedication, consistency, and a love of BEST WORK.

For The Craft.


2023 Theme

Focus To The Finish. 

Something finished well is better than more done haphazardly.
Focus on each step, and the finish is inevitable.

Focus To The Finish.

Be Open Live Free

2022 Theme

Be Open. Live Free.

Being Open is living with integrity.
Truthful, open, and honest in all I take on.
Giving my best in all my work.
Willing to serve wherever Called.

Being Open leads to Living Free.

Freedom from fear.
Freedom to create.
Freedom to be my unique self.

Be Open. Live Free.

Strong and Steady - yearly theme

2021 Theme

Strong And Steady

Strong And Steady is a Choice.
A choice to find a FLOW in what you take on; to be known for your hard work, problem-solving skills, and positive attitude.

Work Your Land - yearly theme

2020 Theme

Work Your Land

Everything you need is already inside of you. Work with what you have been given - not wishing for something different, but focusing on what is in front of you. WORK YOUR LAND.

trust the process

2019 Theme

Trust The Process

The best work is brought to life by meditating on the task; by focusing on the doing. It’s not about the end goal or worrying about the future. To create the best, to be the best, you have to fall in love with the process of creating. It’s then, and only then, that the process is nurtured, valued and appreciated. When we focus on the process, we can ignore the pressures of an outcome. Trusting the Process is an adventure.  Trusting the Process is awareness, presence, and understanding. It’s the right here and right now parts of life. When you give yourself to the moment, the creating becomes its own reward.

Create over Consume

2018 Theme

Create Over Consume

We were made by a creator to create; to give of ourselves, our talents, and to bring value into the world. Creating requires action. Creating means showing up to make the world a better place. You need to let go of other people’s opinions and walk the path towards your truest self. Creating is messy; it’s not easy; it’s ok to make mistakes. Creating is for the brave. Show up. Get to work.  Create and curate a beautiful life.

Method Over Mayhem - yearly theme

2017 Theme

Method Over Mayhem

We are purposeful planners. We know great systems and strong number help a company thrive. Our operations and actions should be scale-able. We create procedures for how we work. We create a system of success. We choose methods and systems over the chaos of being unorganized and unprepared. Systems should enhance the process not complicate things or take away from the real work. We are structured and well-ordered in our operations so we can be fierce and original in our work.

Greatness Starts Here - yearly theme

2016 Theme

Greatness Starts Here

When in the midst of a struggle, difficulty, or challenge we are given a choice; we can give up, accept good enough, or push for Greatness.

Greatness is reserved for those who persist, those who accept being uncomfortable, and those who always want to get better. We are born in our Creator’s image with a purpose and a plan. We were made to shine, made to serve others, and to leave this world better than when we arrived. We all have the choice to be GREAT.

Do Great Things - yearly theme

2015 Theme

Do Great Things.

Life is not a race, but a challenge. A challenge to be your best and to push yourself further than you thought you could go. The time will never be just right. Act Now. Live Bold.

Do more be more - yearly theme

2014 Theme

Do More. Be Better.

You were born with the potential for greatness; the ability to change your world and achieve all of your dreams. Somewhere inside of you lies the seed of achievement which, if put into action, will carry you into heights that you may have never hoped to attain.

faith, desire, imagination, persistence - yearly theme

2013 Theme

Faith. Desire. Imagination. Persistence.

FAITH is the belief in yourself and a belief in an infinite God. Faith is the visualization of and belief in the attainment of your desire.

DESIRE is the starting point of achievement. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.

IMAGINATION is the process of turning your desire into its physical equivalent. Man’s only limitation within reason lies in his development and use of his imagination.

PERSISTENCE is a man’s power of will. Persistence is choosing to move forward despite all opposition. With persistence will come success.

never hold back - yearly theme

2012 Theme

Never Hold Back

Your true greatness and best work is just beyond your comfort zone. Overcome your fears. Always give it your all.

Never ever quit - yearly theme

2011 Theme

The Best Never Ever Quit

The time will never be just right. Act Now. Live Bold. And when things get really hard and you get knocked down. Get Up. Never Ever Quit.