CAST Terrazzo Products is our line of architectural pre-cast terrazzo and concrete pieces. Our work includes steps, bases, tiles, wall panels, and furniture that can be crafted to fit a variety of environments and styles with our available customization options.

Standard Step Treads are the horizontal platform of your stairs which sit over a structural riser base.

Self-Supporting Step Treads open up your space with their self-supporting, floating design. Internal metal supports allow the step treads to span unsupported between stringers. Tread edges can be finished to be installed on an open or closed carriage, depending on your project.

Tread Riser combos give a seamless look to your stair design. Cast in the shape of an “L,” the combo eliminates any gap between the outward lip of the stair tread and riser. Our tread riser combos are installed over a fully supported base.

Additional Options
+ Nosing Strips. Abrasive nosing strips add a non-slip grip to the key traffic areas of your pre-cast steps. Strips can be installed in different thicknesses and groupings for function and aesthetic purposes and often span between 75% and 100% of the width of the tread.
+ Exotic Blends. Introducing glass, mirror, and mother-of-pearl brings an upgraded surface to your terrazzo surfaces. Any of these options are blended into the terrazzo aggregate base during the casting process.

We are an AIA-approved educator for terrazzo products.

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Institute For Orthopaedic Surgery