Let's Get you Some samples

Dancer Concrete Design provides custom samples for you to make the best design-driven decisions.


Choosing the right finished flooring for your space can feel like a daunting task. Our samples can help.

Polished Concrete samples come in 3" wide pucks.

Epoxy Coatings come in 4" x 6" samples.

Terrazzo samples come in 3" wide pucks or 6" x 6" squares.

We also offer Sample Boxes that include:

  • StrongTread Polish – Modern
  • StrongTread Polish – Classic
  • StrongTread Polish – Deep
  • Surface Terrazzo 
  • TreadWell Industrial+
  • TreadWell Decorative Chip
  • TreadWell Decorative Quartz
  • TreadWell Urethane Mortar


Fill out the form below to request a Sample Box or individual Polished Concrete, Epoxy Coatings, or Terrazzo samples.