Our Mission

What are we doing?

We create floors for the modern world.

Our Purpose

Why Are We Doing It?

We believe the products we own, as well as the spaces where we live and work, should be built to last a lifetime. What we make should be created with attention and care.

We believe we can make great things with those who aspire mastery by providing the framework and creating a culture of growth and knowledge.


Forward-thinking clients who seek the best in design, durability, and value. Commercial, Custom Residential, and Industrial Spaces.


We work within about an hour drive from our home location in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We are also currently growing our business in the South Bend/ Goshen/ Elkhart area.

The Work

We choose to be the best in what we do. Rather than be ‘kind of good’ at a lot of things, we want to be masters in our craft, producing a level of skill that serves the work and our clients the best.

Our Biggest Goal

Making everything we touch better; People and Concrete.

A reputation for working with greatness, empowering our team, and being one of the best organizations others encounter.


We want to create one of the best-run small businesses ever. We think if we have the best-run company we can have a positive impact with everything we encounter – People and Concrete. 

 If we can be the best run, we can provide the best experiences to our clients.  We are writing our own rules to success and what a well-run company looks like. You have seen these types of businesses. The ones where after working with them or walking in their shop, you leave and just think “Wow. They have their stuff together. That was a great experience.” We are looking for that.

For us, success is achieving goals by our own standards. We want to have a team of A-Players, who work to create the best product, have good systems, strong numbers, a caring mindset, and live our values.

A Players

Are the people in our company who work with the mission above themselves.

Best Product

We want to design and install the best product. When looking for solutions, we look for durability, safety, maintenance, and aesthetics. We look to be the premium provider of the systems we install.

Good Systems

Systems in a business help serve us to offer consistent results in our installations and operations. We should learn from our past, and we do this through documented systems, checklists, and reminders. Systems should enhance the process not complicate things or take away from the real work.

Strong Numbers

A business should have a scoreboard for how it’s performing. Top line revenue and profit margins are important but other key metrics such as labor to revenue, our quality score, and client feedback, are the clear indicators for how we are performing. Why guess when you can know.

A Caring Mindset

A Caring Mindset means we care about the people we work with, our clients, and our work. It means we show respect and love to others. We take those small actions that show we care about the work we do.

Living Our Values 

Our values hold us each accountable for the way we work. They define how we make decisions. We must live our values.

Success to us is when we are working in line with how to build an amazing company. It’s enjoying the Adventure.