DCD StrongTread is a brand of penetrating surface treatments designed for long-term durability and sustainability densifying, hardening, and dust-proofing concrete surfaces.

Strongtread Cure


The StrongTread Cure Sealing system incorporates premium concrete densifiers used during the concrete placement process. This is the most affordable concrete sealing system with better long-term durability than traditional acrylic curing compounds or concrete sealers. This system is popular in storage facilities and large manufacturing spaces.

Finishes: Honed
Uses: Cold Storage, warehousing, manufacturing
*Only available on new concrete placements

Strongtread Hardwear


The StrongTread Hard Wear Sealing system incorporates the same penetrating products used in a fully polished concrete process. Fully penetrating concrete densification and stain guard products make this a good fit where abrasion resistance, easy cleaning, and a sealed concrete floor that continues to harden over time are required. This is a less intensive option for larger spaces or where affordability is of key importance.

Finishes: Subtle Sheen
Uses: Agriculture, storage, municipalities, judicial, warehousing

StrongTread Polish

The StrongTread Polished concrete flooring solution is one of the most sustainable flooring solutions available. With a low lifetime cost, simple maintenance, and long-term durability, StongTread Polished concrete provides great value for anyone looking into hard-surface flooring. With the ability to transform your floor by adding a dye or stain, or simply enhance the natural gray hue of the existing concrete, polished concrete is crafted to fit a variety of environments and styles.

Finishes: Matte, Satin, High Sheen, Super Sheen
Uses: Retail, homes, churches, event venues, corridors, multi-purpose spaces

StrongTread Polish—Modern



In this architectural favorite finish, the cream - or cap - of the concrete floor is honed and polished to enhance and embrace the character of the concrete and finishing techniques. Some texture and finishing marks are key elements in this finish.

  • New, unsealed concrete only
  • Aggregate: Cream A

StrongTread Polish—Classic



The classic look when people think of polished concrete. The cap of the slab is removed to expose the small aggregates used when pouring and creates visual texture on the surface. A great base for a natural look or adding color.

  • Aggregate: Mostly Class B with areas of larger stone.

StrongTread Polish—Remodel



Polished concrete and renewed architectural history go hand-in-hand. Our Remodel floor system offers a great look when embracing concrete’s age and character in a new space. When remodeling an older floor surface, the Remodel process removes glue and transforms spaces.

  • Aggregate: Class B and C - Variety

StrongTread Polish—Deep



Digging deep into the concrete surface we find large stones used as the building blocks of strength. When wanting an even, consistent, deep stone exposure, our Deep floor offers the look of large aggregate as the main finish.

  • Aggregate: Class C

Strongtread Polish Systems

New Aggregate Chart

Class A

Cream Aggregate: Polished surface resulting in little-to-no aggregate exposure. Some light sand exposure.

Class B

Fine/Sand Aggregate: Removes not more than 1/16” of concrete surface by grinding and polishing. This results in the majority of exposure displaying fine aggregate with little- to-no medium aggregate in random locations. Light aggregate exposure with some cream

Class C

Large Aggregate: Removes not more than 1/4” of concrete surface by grinding and polishing. This results in the majority of exposure displaying large aggregate with little-to-no fine aggregate in random locations. Heavy aggregate exposure with some light sand.

Finish Levels



Matte Finish polishing produces a concrete floor with a soft, matte finish that is easy to maintain. This option is popular in residential and industrial settings, and is the most economical finish level.



Satin Finish polishing produces a diffused reflection and is a popular base level floor finish.



High Sheen polishing produces a sheen on the floor will reflect clearly identifiable objects. This is a popular flooring option for restaurants, retail, and other areas where a high sheen is desired.


1500 GRIT, LEVEL 3

Super Sheen polishing produces a highly-polished surface that reflects color, light, and objects in a mirror- like reflection. This is a popular flooring option for museums, schools, and anywhere a stunning finish is desired.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 7.56.57 PM
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 7.58.31 PM


The grout coating application fills in naturally occurring pinholes, small air pockets, and aggregate pop- outs in a concrete floor. This process offers a higher overall reflectivity and a less porous surface, and is recommended for air entrained concrete and/or concrete that will be heavily ground to remove sealers, coatings, or when aesthetics are a top priority. The availability of this option is typically unknown until the concrete floor has been prepared and the initial pass is complete.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 8.01.10 PM


Control Joints are planned by an architect in the design of a space, and placed in the concrete slab when poured. These joints are filled with a polyurea compound to protect the joint edges from chipping, in addition to keeping dirt and debris out. This filler is available in many color options to complement the floor.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 8.01.36 PM


All Select Step floor installations include a two- application process; premium concrete densification treatment and stain guard conditioning. These two steps penetrate into the concrete surface to increase abrasion resistance, decrease permeability, maintain a co-efficient of friction for slip-resistance, and provide one of the most durable hard-surface flooring systems available.

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