Vitrification is a French word that translates to ‘make glass-like.’ This is a premium finishing process for terrazzo flooring that increases the shine and durability over other treatments such as sealers or waxes.

The Process

Vitrification includes mechanical and chemical processing of the terrazzo surface. 

Part 1: Mechanical 

– Hone floor with 35 grit diamond tooling to flatten the surface and remove any previous wax finishing
– Hone floor with 100 and 200 grit diamond tooling 
– Polish with 400 and 800 grit diamond tooling to polish the surface

Part 2: Chemical

– Clean and neutralize the surface
– Application of chemical stone hardener treatment 
– Application of stone crystallizer treatment to produce a high finish 

The vitrification process will eventually pay for itself, as the finish requires no waxing and can easily be maintained with a scrubber and mild soap. In the future, the floor’s sheen can be buffed back to its original gloss with a swing machine and steel wool pad. 

With fewer scuffs, low maintenance, and a better, long-lasting sheen, vitrification is an investment for your terrazzo flooring.

STAR Financial Bank chose a vitrification finish for their terrazzo flooring.

Ready To Get Started?

Dancer Concrete Design offers three types of finishing for our Surface Terrazzo flooring: polish + stain guard, wax, and vitrification. Each finishing option has its pros and cons, and our Team is here for you to get the BEST WORK for your floors. Reach out to our Project Leaders to request a quote and get started on your next terrazzo flooring project.