DCD Surface is a brand of overlays used as a topping on sound and solid concrete surfaces. Our resurfacing process allows us to bring a new look to your space without the hassle of a complete rip-out and replacement. The new surface is durable, strong, and great for remodeling projects where polished concrete is desired, but the existing substrate is in less than desirable condition.

Surface Terrazzo is based on the old-world Italian flooring installation of marble chips or broken stones and glass mixed with an epoxy matrix to create an endless array of patterns, colors, and finishes. The terrazzo topping is a 3/8” system that can be installed with new concrete. Also, older Terrazzo floors can be refinished with our StrongTread Refresh polished floor system.

Finishes: Matte, Satin, High Sheen, Super Sheen

Uses: Airports, Offices, Breakrooms, Schools, Corridors, Hospitals, Restaurants

CAST is our line of architectural precast terrazzo and concrete pieces. Our work includes steps, bases, tiles, wall panels, and furniture that can be crafted to fit a variety of environments and styles with our available customization options.

Finishes: Matte, Satin, High Sheen, Super Sheen

Uses: Schools, Retail, Residential, Churches, Event Venues, Corridors, Multi-Purpose Spaces

Surface Polish overlay is a concrete overlay that resembles traditional Class B aggregate exposed concrete. This overlay is finished and polished much like a traditional concrete floor, and can be left natural or colored with dyes or stains.

Finishes: StrongTread Clear +, Gloss, Satin, Satin with Grip or StrongTread Polish, Matte, Satin, High Sheen, Super Sheen.

Uses: Retail, Residential, Corridors, Schools, Food Courts

*not for heavy industrial use or vehicle traffic

Surface Smooth is a cream-finished overlay providing a soft and rich texture and finish similar to brand new concrete. This 1/8" overlay has the option to be colored with dyes or stains and is finished with TreadWell Clear+ urethane finish.

Finishes: TreadWellClear + in Gloss, Satin, Satin with Grip or StrongTread Polish in Matte, Satin, High Sheen, Super Sheen

Uses: Lounges, Retail, Vertical Spaces, Residential Installation

*not for heavy industrial use or vehicle traffic