The Capabilities of a Ride On Polisher

nick | Mar 19, 2021
Investing in specialized equipment is one of the ways we make sure we have what we need to to stay Strong And Steady. Having the right machine or tool... Read More

What’s an Overlay on a Concrete Floor?

nick | Feb 16, 2021
Sometimes, you want the look of a polished concrete floor but the existing surface isn’t what you want to polish. It could be two different pours, separated by decades.... Read More

Which Epoxy Floor Do I Need?

nick | Nov 10, 2020
There are a lot of epoxy flooring options out there. The best option for you depends on how the room is used and the look you want it to... Read More

Detach and Go On.

Nicholas Dancer | Aug 20, 2020
WORK YOUR LAND — 2020 DCD THEMEWhen I got home Friday night, the first thing I noticed was that “WORK YOUR LAND” was spelled out in huge block letters across the driveway.... Read More


Nicholas Dancer | May 19, 2020
LIVE VALUESCommunication. Respect. Integrity. Excellence. They sound pretty good, right? Well, those are the Core Values of Enron, a company that was found to be filled with deceit, lies,... Read More


Nicholas Dancer | Apr 21, 2020
What is Best Work?I don’t use the word quality — it’s too subjective and overused. Rather, I choose to use the term BEST WORK for our business.To me, BEST WORK means the... Read More

Northrop High School

nick | Mar 2, 2020
Text by: Kathleen Welling Pictures by: ArtC, Alexis Dancer THE WHY  Schools play a crucial role in shaping and perpetuating community development. The strength of our schools determines the... Read More

Accountability and Pillow Forts.

Nicholas Dancer | Jan 28, 2020
Fort Dancer. circa 2016.Last weekend, our family made a massive fort in the center of our home. Almost every blanket, chair, and pillow in our home was stacked in some... Read More

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