Polished Concrete at Union Street Market

Megan | Nov 28, 2022
Union Street Market on the Electric Works campus in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, opened to the public last week. Electric Works is a redevelopment of the former General Electric... Read More

Polishing Terrazzo Tile

Megan | Nov 21, 2022
We recently did a StrongTread Refresh on a black terrazzo tile for a company’s break room in New Haven, Indiana. Harsh cleaning chemicals had etched the floor, leaving dull,... Read More

Drinking From Wells I Did Not Dig

Megan | Nov 18, 2022
Written by Nathan Heintzeman | DCD Project Leader Something that has struck me in my first 90 days here at DCD is that I am “drinking from wells that... Read More

Understanding Integral Cove

Megan | Nov 14, 2022
A traditional cove base is a trim where the edge of your floor meets the wall – think vinyl or wood trim. Integral cove is a hand-built epoxy trim... Read More

Advantages of a Sealed Concrete Floor System

Megan | Nov 7, 2022
A high school in Elkhart, Indiana had just over 8,000 square feet of new concrete for a vocational wood shop, and they selected a StrongTread Hardwear sealed concrete floor... Read More

The Right People

Megan | Nov 4, 2022
Written by Harrison Tash | Founder and Lead Consultant of Living Water Consulting Organizations will hire and rehire, but not everyone “sticks.” Why? One of the answers is simple... Read More

Maintaining Your Floors

Megan | Oct 31, 2022
Maintaining your new floor is an important part of preserving its durability. Not maintaining your floors can lead to a dull finish, lose its sheen, and become less stain... Read More

Metallic Epoxy In A Restaurant

Megan | Oct 24, 2022
Dave’s Hot Chicken is coming to Bloomington, Indiana, with a sweet metallic epoxy flooring system from DCD. Our clients chose a TreadWell Metallic+ epoxy flooring system in a titanium... Read More