What are these white marks on my concrete floor?

nastassia | Dec 10, 2021
A few months ago, you had your concrete floor sealed or polished. It looked fantastic until these white spots started to form. They kinda looked like watermarks. They were... Read More

BE. 6–8 Weeks.

Nicholas Dancer | Nov 2, 2021
When my knee injury first happened. I knew it was serious. My knee locked up, it felt dislocated and it was clearly beyond my will and power to fix it.I... Read More


nick | Sep 28, 2021
In all things we take on, we should look to do them well. The most mundane. The simple. The easy. Folding laundry. Taking out the trash. Sweeping a floor.... Read More

Solid + Flexible

nastassia | Sep 15, 2021
Over the summer, we got a call from a GC. They were troubleshooting a school gym with a cracked concrete floor and wanted to know if it could be... Read More

Is Is Worth It?

Nicholas Dancer | Aug 22, 2021
Is Is Worth It?Am I listening?Or am I distracted,With things to do.Here in this place,do I believe in grace?Am I looking to your face?Christian does not mean easy,Freedom rarely is,‘Put that smile on — big, bright and cheesy’.So why... Read More

As It Is.

Nicholas Dancer | Aug 22, 2021
As It Is.God.I feel restless.Worn out.A little lost.A path between what I think I need.Or is it all wants?What’s wrong with right now.As it is.Do I need more?Or have you provided all.Bigger…More…Grow…Sell…Does it lead closer to you?Does it... Read More

BE. Picky Clients…

Nicholas Dancer | Aug 16, 2021
This week we traveled to back to a job to redo a floor.I think there is some confusion on why we were back.A few months ago we installed a floor we... Read More

The Right People

nastassia | Jul 23, 2021
A great team is built by finding the right people for that team. This takes time and effort; not mass hiring events; not by finding that one efficiency metric;... Read More

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