Hospital Epoxy Flooring

nick | Mar 20, 2022
A durable and strong Treadwell Decorative Sand+ system for a local hospital Dyalisis room. Beyond the finish you can see…there is a rubberized membrane below the epoxy system to... Read More

Affordable Floors for Warehousing

nick | Mar 7, 2022
In this 110,000 SF manufacturing facility in Van Wert, Ohio we filled all the control joints and applied our StrongTread HardWear Finish.  STRONGTREAD HARDWEAR– AFFORDABLE. Same sealers as polished... Read More

Warehouse Flooring | New Haven, IN

nick | Mar 2, 2022
StrongTread Cure – Application of concrete densifiers after pouring produces a floor that’s more dustproof, has a higher sheen, and is cleaner than traditional cure and seal compounds.  Control... Read More

What are these white marks on my concrete floor?

nastassia | Dec 10, 2021
A few months ago, you had your concrete floor sealed or polished. It looked fantastic until these white spots started to form. They kinda looked like watermarks. They were... Read More

Solid + Flexible

nastassia | Sep 15, 2021
Over the summer, we got a call from a GC. They were troubleshooting a school gym with a cracked concrete floor and wanted to know if it could be... Read More

The Right People

nastassia | Jul 23, 2021
A great team is built by finding the right people for that team. This takes time and effort; not mass hiring events; not by finding that one efficiency metric;... Read More

Concrete Floors in Schools

nastassia | Jun 18, 2021
The right floor is the surface that is best matched to the needs of the space. Schools need flooring options that are long-lasting, can withstand aggressive wear and tear,... Read More

Industrial Repairs

nastassia | May 18, 2021
No one wants to spend a lot of time thinking about their own floors, even flooring contractors. We want to have a level surface, that’s easy to clean and... Read More