Solid + Flexible

nastassia | Sep 15, 2021
Over the summer, we got a call from a GC. They were troubleshooting a school gym with a cracked concrete floor and wanted to know if it could be... Read More

BE. Picky Clients…

Nicholas Dancer | Aug 16, 2021
This week we traveled to back to a job to redo a floor.I think there is some confusion on why we were back.A few months ago we installed a floor we... Read More

The Right People

nastassia | Jul 23, 2021
A great team is built by finding the right people for that team. This takes time and effort; not mass hiring events; not by finding that one efficiency metric;... Read More

Concrete Floors in Schools

nastassia | Jun 18, 2021
The right floor is the surface that is best matched to the needs of the space. Schools need flooring options that are long-lasting, can withstand aggressive wear and tear,... Read More


Nicholas Dancer | Jun 7, 2021
Nick Dancer. Kevin Butler. Nathan Heintzman. Chris Freeman.Memorial Day 2020. Freeman and I meet in the garage and get started with a Murph workout. We had not been training in... Read More

BE. Do The Extra

Nicholas Dancer | Jun 3, 2021
Wednesday morning at 5:30 am my son, Clark and I are in the garage for our workout.I’m working on PUSH-type exercises — Overhead press, Incline press — and Clark is doing a 10 round... Read More

Industrial Repairs

nastassia | May 18, 2021
No one wants to spend a lot of time thinking about their own floors, even flooring contractors. We want to have a level surface, that’s easy to clean and... Read More

Line Striping—Simple and Effective

nastassia | Apr 16, 2021
Large floors are a hustle and bustle of activity. Two-way swing doors, human movement, a forklift or a power-walker, active manufacturing, item storage, etc—all of this can create a... Read More

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