If you are responsible for a large industrial space, you have a BIG job. You want operations to FLOW while keeping people SAFE. You’ve spent hours brainstorming ways to make it easy for a new hire or a visitor to know exactly where to walk, where not to walk, and where to watch for cross traffic. 

We’ve all been in spaces that feel clunky and clumsy. When wayfinding indicators are designed well, it feels intuitive. People follow them without even realizing it, and most importantly, they stay safe.  

If you’ve eaten at a Chick-fil-A, you’ve been on the receiving end of master-level wayfinding, even if you didn’t realize it! When you walked in, you knew which direction the line flowed, where to stand, and who was available to take your order. The process was smooth.

Wayfinding Options

There are three main options for wayfinding indicators in industrial spaces: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive, Penetrating Dye, and Epoxy Line Striping. 

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Penetrating Dye

Epoxy Line Striping

Consider This

Here are a few questions to help you decide which type of wayfinding indicators are best for your space: 

1. Is the area subject to harsh chemicals? 

2. Do the lines intersect with fork truck/heavy wheel traffic? 

3. Do you think you’ll need to rearrange the space in the future?

4. Do you want to incorporate brand colors into your wayfinding indicators? 

5. Do you want people to walk only in straight lines, or will having diagonals in certain areas feel more natural? 

With whichever options you choose, directional lane striping in your industrial environment can keep your team safe and your space neat, clean, and organized.

Let’s Chat 

Your situation and your space is unique. We are available for you to chat through options that keep your team safe and operations flowing smoothly. Let’s get BEST WORK for your floors.