With epoxy floor coatings, there doesn’t have to be any compromising. Durability, safety, aesthetics, and simple maintenance are all aspects that epoxy floor coatings deliver to your environment. Choose between several finish options that fit your situation - smooth, flake broadcast, sand broadcast, metallic and urethane mortar. Invent your space the way you envision it with multiple design options.

Epoxy floor coatings outperform other hard-surface flooring in the most abusive environments. Whether you’re looking for flooring that is safe, seamless, requires simple maintenance, fits a specific look, or is durable, epoxy floor coatings enhance environments across the board.

Selecting the right system

Understanding the difference between epoxy options


Color +

An affordable 3-layer, water-based solid color epoxy and urethane flooring system for foot traffic and light duty rubber wheeled traffic.

Great for:
Foot Traffic, Break-rooms, Storage, AV Closets, Park Buildings, & Small Warehousing

Industrial +

Treadwell Industrial Epoxy
Treadwell Industrial Epoxy floors are a cost-effective and affordable installation. This flooring option offers the most versatile of all epoxy floor coatings and can be customized to fit a variety of installs. This system will produce a solid color seamless floor.

Great for:
Recreational Rooms, Industrial Applications, Break Rooms, Manufacturing Facilities, Locker Rooms, Commercial Spaces & Animal Caging


Treadwell Shop is a high solids epoxy floor coating selected for its durability, safety, and aesthetics. This epoxy floor system offers the incorporation of a full broadcast aggregate between layers of 100% solids epoxy resins. This results in enhanced abrasion resistance, impact and slip resistance over thinner epoxy applications. Treadwell shop is designed to hold up to the abuse in a shop, heavy manufacturing spaces, brewery, or commercial kitchens.

Great for:
Shop Floors, Breweries, Commercial Kitchens, Heavy Manufacturing & Automotive Spaces

Urethane Mortar

Urethane mortars are used in the most abusive floor settings. It upholds performance in extreme temperatures. This floor requires no priming and can be installed on “green” concrete, offering quicker installation than other epoxy flooring systems. Urethane mortar floors offer all of the benefits of broadcast epoxy, with additional benefits of impact and thermal shock resistance.

Great for:
Food Grade Facilities, Industrial/Commercial Kitchens, Heavy Duty Manufacturing, Breweries, & areas where Thermal Shock is of concern

Decorative Chip

Chip Epoxy floors are fullbroadcast coatings that provide slip resistance, stain resistance, durability, and versatile design options. There are countless chip combinations that are available to fit the style of your space. This system is seamless, providing simple maintenance over the life of the floor. There are also options available to customize your floor.

Great for:
Garages, Recreational Rooms, Prep Kitchens, Industrial Applications, Break Rooms, Locker Rooms & Commercial/Retail Spaces

Decorative Quartz

Treadwell Decorative Quartz Epoxy
Another broadcast flooring option is Quartz Epoxy floors. Quartz Epoxy offers a high-end look while still performing in impact resistance, slip resistance, and seamlessness. Like Chip Epoxy floors, the quartz sand color combinations are endless. With additional options available, there is a system for every environment.

Great for:
Commercial/Industrial Kitchens, Locker Rooms, Walkways, Wet Areas, Showrooms, & Multi-purpose spaces

Metallic +

Our metallic epoxy floor coatings combine design and durability to provide you with a long-lasting floor surface that looks great in residential settings and can still perform in rigorous commercial settings. The high sheen of the metallic surface combined with unique color combinations provides you with a look of depth that you have never seen before in a durable floor material. Metallic coatings are composed of metallic pigments which are held in a suspension of resins. The color technology of this system creates movement and a sense of depth when light hits the surface. Metallic flooring solutions will always produce a unique, one-of-a-kind finish for your space.

Great for:
Commercial/Retail Spaces, Restrooms, Showrooms, Residential Basements & Waiting Rooms

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