Along with a beautiful polished concrete floor in their dining space, Alto Grado Food & Beverage Company added a durable decorative epoxy chip flooring system complete with a satin finish to their commercial kitchen. This floor provides easy maintenance, durability for heavy foot-traffic, and the custom gray, white, and red chip blend complements this pizza company’s sleek and modern brand.

System: Decorative Chip Epoxy 

DECORATIVE CHIP: Chip Epoxy floors are full broadcast coatings that provide slip resistance, stain resistance, durability, and versatile design options. There are countless chip combinations that are available to fit the style of your space. This system is seamless, providing simple maintenance over the life of the floor. There are also options available to customize your floor. Great for: Garages, Recreational Rooms, Prep Kitchens, Industrial Applications, Break Rooms, Locker Rooms & Commercial/Retail Spaces

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