Pre-tensioned Concrete slab
bleachers fully extended

TreadWell Flex+

TreadWell Flex+ is an epoxy decorative chip flooring system with a flexible, water-proofing membrane.  This system is for multi-story areas and floors that experience fluctuation with heavy loads. It withstands concrete slab movement to preserve your finished epoxy floor.

Durability. A system that flexes with your floor long-term.
Maintenance. Orange peel finish allows for simple mop cleaning.
Customization. Our variety of colors can be matched to your brand.

– Flexible Membrane Primer
– 100% Solids Epoxy Body Coat
– Vinyl Chip Broadcast
– Clear Epoxy and Urethane Topcoats

Additional Options
+ Control and Construction Joint Fill
+ Moisture Mitigation Primer with 5-Year Warranty

Pre-tensioned Concrete slab
bleachers fully extended