Private Business

System: Epoxy
Color: White base coat with chips BX-330 (¼” chip)
Top Coat: 100% solids epoxy with final Matte-Urethane finish
Size: around 5,000 sq. ft.

For another large room at this particular client’s, a resinous broadcast flooring system was chosen. We prepped and cleaned the floor and then cut out the control joints. For epoxy flooring projects it is very important to use a joint filler that is compatible with the flooring system. This allows longer-term durability in the surface and helps prevent cracks from showing up in the future. Filling the control joints will create a seamless floor once the epoxy is applied and the chips are broadcast. Because of the large space, it took four days to fully prep the floor and finishing cutting and filling control joints.

The entire process for this involved a clear water-based epoxy primer, a 100% solids epoxy body coat and a full broadcast of custom blended vinyl chips. After the main floor had been installed we chalked out 2” line stripping lanes – another request of our customer. The base coat was then applied and chips were broadcast into the epoxy. Chips not only add color and interest to the floor, they make the floor incredibly slip-resistant.  The final two days, the team cleaned up loose chips and applied a topcoat to the entire floor, including the 2” lanes. A final urethane topcoat was selected for extra durability and was the final step in this week-long process.

When the Dancer Concrete team finished the work, we left our clients with a custom designed and dyed display room and a durable and slip resistant work area. Both of which will last for years to come.