Sometimes, you want the look of a polished concrete floor but the existing surface isn’t what you want to polish. It could be two different pours, separated by decades. There could be trench cuts visible when a smooth, continuous surface is what’s needed. Maybe a vibrant terrazzo floor is the key design element that will complete the space. A Floor Overlay is the best solution in cases like these.

Polished Concrete floor in a dining room with white chairs, a wood table, and a fireplace.
The Surface Polish completes this midcentury modern eat-in kitchen.

A floor overlay gives the space the look of a continuous, polished concrete floor. An overlay product is poured on top of an existing slab, creating a fresh canvas for the space. The new, even surface can be completed to suit your needs.

Surface—Concrete Overlays by Dancer Concrete Design

An Overlay is applied on top of existing concrete in any condition.

The nature of a floor overlay allows for a full refresh of a space without the hassle of needing to rip out and replace an existing surface. They provide a strong, durable solution in spaces where polished concrete is desired but the existing concrete floor is not in a desirable condition for polishing.

Surface by DCD is our family of overlay systems. We have three offerings: Polish, Smooth, and Terrazzo. Each has different benefits and applications. Which system we recommend depends on the needs and expectations of our clients for their spaces. All of our overlays can be installed on existing slabs or brand new slabs. 

Surface Polish

When finished, Surface Polish resembles light aggregate—Class B—exposure. It can be left in its natural shade or colored to better suit a space. Surface Polish is finished like StrongTread Polish, it is saturated with densifier and stain guard to create a sustainable, long-lasting floor. This overlay can have a matte finish or be polished to a mirror-like super-sheen. It’s a strong system for foot traffic, making it a good option for corridors and schools, as well as retail and residential settings. 

This Surface Polish floor in the Dancer home was built to withstand even the most rigorous play.

Surface Smooth

A soft, rich cream finish gives Surface Smooth a similar look and feel to brand new concrete. This is a highly versatile system that can create impressive verticle focal points in addition to smooth floors. It readily takes color options, which lets it easily complete a space. Its natural shade can offer a space a modern, industrial feel. Surface Smooth is finished with SealCraft Clear+ for durability. This surface is best in retail and residential settings.

Best One Tire + Service has a high traffic waiting room that was renewed with a Surface Smooth floor.

Surface Terrazzo

Few flooring options are as engaging as terrazzo. Surface Terrazzo is an epoxy terrazzo system. Various sizes of marble chips, stones, or glass can be mixed into an epoxy matrix to make unlimited color combinations and create one of a kind patterns and floors that can be a focal point or an accent. It’s strong enough to withstand heavier traffic, making it a great choice in spaces that see hundreds to thousands of people a day. Schools, airports, waiting rooms, and other busy spaces are ideal for terrazzo.

This century-old terrazzo was refreshed at Epoch Architecture.

Additionally, older terrazzo floors can be refinished with our StrongTread Polish system. Terrazzo is designed to be durable and refreshed for decades.

The Landing Beer Co. opted to refinish the century-old terrazzo at their space at The Landing.

Next Steps

Concrete Overlays are a versatile option if you want a polished concrete floor in a space where the existing slab is not in a desirable condition. Get in touch with a Project Leader today to learn more about how a Surface Overlay could transform your space.