Terrazzo at the Landing Beer Co

The Landing Beer Co downtown at the landing is nothing short of a show stopper. This uniquely designed space is not just a fun place to hang out but it also hosts some of the best food in town. Check out their menu for yourself and immediately get a hankering for their tasty BBQ. From the moment you step into this building, you are greeted with clips from Fort Wayne’s past. The owners have brought back to life a part of the city’s history through this building re-design, beginning with choosing to expose the buildings existing brick along the bar that had once been forgotten.  The beauty restoration process of this 100-year-old building also included exposing the unique terazzo floors that had been hidden for decades. Dancer Concrete Design was called in to restore and refurbish this piece of the past. The restaurant’s floors are now looking fresh after the Surface Terrazzo system which includes: reviving, patching, and a stain-guard application. This terrazzo was polished using the StrongTread polishing floor system. We had the opportunity to work with the inlaid tile that dates back to 1914, adding yet another element of nostalgia.

SurfaceTerrazzo Surface Terrazzo is based on the old world Italian flooring installation of marble chips or broken stones and glass mixed with an epoxy matrix to create an endless array of patterns, colors, and finishes. The Terrazzo topping is a 1/4” system that can be installed with new concrete. Also, older Terrazzo floors can be refinished with our StrongTread polished floor system.

Uses: Airports, Schools, Corridors, Hospitals, Restaurants