Polished concrete is a great choice for your office space. With simple maintenance and long-term durability, polished concrete can save you money in the long run.

We installed our StrongTread Saver system at Carr Workplaces on the Electric Works campus in downtown Fort Wayne.


Long-Term Durability

We use penetrating concrete densifiers and stain guards in our polished concrete installations, so your floors will be long-lasting, and you won’t have to replace them after a few years of foot traffic.

Easy Maintenance

Polished concrete is easier to maintain and clean over traditional floor finishes like carpet. We recommend a dry sweep and wet mop for general cleaning, and using a routine maintenance schedule and proper cleaning products will keep your floors looking great.

Sustainable + Affordable

Polished concrete uses the existing structural element – concrete – for the finished surface, which makes it an economical and “green” LEED-approved flooring system. We have systems for remodeling projects and new concrete placements available to get the BEST WORK for your floors.


Is it loud?

Like all hard-surface flooring finished, sound does carry across the space with polished concrete. At our own DCD office, we installed sound panels in the ceiling and centered a rug in the space, which has significantly decreased sound levels.

Is it affordable?

Polished concrete comes in at a mid-level price point, similar to LVT, and is more affordable than other hard surface finishes, like wood or tile flooring. We offer several types of polished concrete systems to provide flexibility for your budget.

Does it look good?

We think so! Our StrongTread Polish systems bring out the unique character of the concrete, adding visual texture and interest to your floors. Choose from a variety of finish levels, from matte to super sheen, to round out your design choices. And with simple maintenance, you will keep your floors looking good for years to come.

What kind of chairs should we use?

For rolling chairs, we recommend using rubber-wheeled office furniture. Plastic wheels will mark up the finished floor and show wear marks. For other types of chairs, install protectors under the feet of furniture to keep your floors looking great.

Building or Renovating Your Office Space?

Let’s talk floors. Our Project Leaders, Jacob and Nathan, are here to help you get the BEST WORK for your office space.