Shindigz, one of the country’s largest online party retailers, recently purchased local landmark building, Harrison Place, and turned part of it into their new corporate headquarters renaming the building Shindigz Place.

Key elements of this design are focused around an open-concept office that would encompass the 4th floor. Instead of covering up the character and original components of this historic space, the owner embraced and highlighted the exposed ceiling and brick walls. Keeping with the theme, the decision was made to utilize the existing concrete as not only a finished floor but a design element as well.

As with most older buildings, the condition of the substrate made it hard to visualize the finished product. With layers of various glues and adhesives bonded to the surface, we had our work cut out for us. We saw the potential and received the opportunity to bring this floor to life and transform the space.

Our StrongTread Polish – Remodel process consisted of three main steps: grinding, honing and polishing. First, we were tasked with the removal of old adhesives and prepping the surface to be able to take a polish. This required several passes with some of our most aggressive tooling, which is what provided a combination of Class B and Class C aggregate. After that we patched the many pop outs, cracks and imperfections in the surface to include a full grout coat to cover the smaller pinholes. From there we began to hone the surface in preparation for polishing. This is where the floor came together, and the vision started to become reality. In our final steps we polished the surface to a 400-grit satin sheen. Some of the most rewarding work that we do is in these older spaces where we can utilize our StrongTread: Remodel system.

Contracting by Weigand Construction.

Architecture by Design Collaborative.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


Polished Concrete Floors


StrongTread Polish – Remodel