CAST Products is Dancer Concrete Design’s brand of casted terrazzo and concrete architectural pieces. We create steps, bases, tiles, wall panels, and furniture crafted to fit a variety of environments and styles with customizable options. Our most popular products are Step Treads and Tread Riser Combos.

Step treads open up your space with their self-supporting, floating design. Internal metal supports allow the step treads to span unsupported between stringers. Treads edges can be finished to be installed on an open or closed carriage, depending on your project.

Tread riser combos give a seamless look to your stair design. Cast in the shape of an “L,” the combo eliminates any gap between the outward lip of the stair tread and riser. Our tread riser is installed over a fully supported base.

With all CAST Products, we have created a process to deliver BEST WORK for you.

The CAST Process

We order supplies and work with clients to finalize specifications. To start, we spend a few days hand-mixing the aggregate and weighing out materials, staging 50-pound buckets to prepare for the pour days.

“Mixing the aggregate is fun because it’s the first step towards seeing what you are going to create,” says CAST Craftsman Marshall Aspy. The true final colors are revealed when the raw aggregate is sprayed with water.

Materials include aggregate chips, like stones, broken mirror, mother-of-pearl, and glass; custom-colored epoxy resin or concrete matrix; and marble dust. Read more about the building blocks of terrazzo and customizing your CAST terrazzo products.

We divide the days spent pouring and casting to ensure we deliver BEST WORK. This is a Team effort, and tables full of CAST products are poured into molds all in one day. After the pour, products are left to set up and cure for several days. Then we begin grinding and polishing.

The grinding and polishing process for CAST Products shares a lot of similarities with polished concrete floors. The grind starts with low, aggressive grit metal tooling and works up to a higher, finer grit, much like sanding a piece of wood. “Everything is rough and hidden under concrete and epoxy, and we have to start grinding it off, polishing it, and honing the [surface],” Marshall shares. “From raw materials to something rough, it’s a lot of work. We use our hands and our bodies to make the finished product.”

Finally, we package products on pallets for shipping. Our BEST WORK standards follow through this process. We want you to get your products delivered NEAT, CLEAN AND ORGANIZED, and ready for installation.

The CAST Team takes pride in the detail and hard work it takes to create these products from beginning to end.

“It’s functional, modern art that leaves a legacy – it will outlive us. It’s proof we lived.”

Step Up Your Space

Interested in getting CAST Products for your space? Send us a message, and we’ll work with you to get a custom quote and start the process of bringing CAST into your space.