Modern-day terrazzo is based on the old-world Italian process of combining chips with a bonding material.┬áThe terrazzo elements are all completely customizable to fit your project’s design and specifications or match your existing terrazzo. We work with suppliers to create custom terrazzo samples for you to make design-driven decisions.

All terrazzo has these basic building blocks: aggregate, marble dust, and epoxy blend.

Terrazzo Elements

Terrazzo aggregate options include custom stone blends, marble, recycled glass, shells like Mother of Pearl, and broken mirror. These elements come in various sizes and colors, making your terrazzo project completely custom.

The bonding materials that hold your aggregate together are marble dust and an epoxy blend. Marble dust is a thickener. The epoxy blend is the glue, with a two-part mix of hardener and resin. The resin can be customized with your choice of color to match your design choices.

The Results

Terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring systems out there. It can be installed as a topping on sound concrete or cast as stair treads to bring your space to the next level. Logos and patterns can also be placed in the terrazzo with metal strips during installation to add personal touches to your project.

Start Your Terrazzo Project

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