An overlay is a finishing option for new or existing concrete floors. Dancer Concrete Design offers several finished floor options for concrete floors, and overlays are a versatile choice with consistent results for your concrete floors.

Our overlay system uses a cementitious product called Tru PC. This is installed as a ⅜” to a ¼” thick topping over a primed concrete slab. Before installation, we use a moisture mitigation primer to protect your floors and get you the best results. The concrete slab must be stable and sound, but we can patch any imperfections or trenches in the concrete beforehand.

Pictured is Dancer Concrete Design's Surface Polish overlay at Parkview Physicans Group on the Electric Works campus.
Our Surface Polish overlay system gives the look of polished concrete with consistent aggregate exposure.

Advantages of An Overlay System

  • Provides a new, uniform floor finish.

  • Covers trenches and imperfections in the existing concrete.

  • Get a consistent look in your space, regardless of multiple concrete pours or different concrete mixes.

We recently finished a project at Parkview Physicians Group on the Electric Works campus. Their floors needed to be an even height across all the rooms after the installation of tile and carpet in some areas. Our solution was a concrete overlay system to match the other flooring’s height for a consistent and seamless flow between rooms.

Overlays VS Polished Concrete

So, what’s the difference between an Overlay and Polished Concrete? An overlay system includes patching imperfections and then installing a cementitious topping over the concrete slab; this becomes the finished floor. Polished concrete involves mechanically polishing the existing concrete slab with five or more grinding passes. Read about our Polished Concrete Process to learn more.

Interested in Consistent Results and FLOW?

Dancer Concrete Design offers several finished options for concrete floors. We are here to get you the BEST WORK for your floors. Reach out and request a quote today for your upcoming overlay project.