Grind and Seal is a finishing option for new or existing concrete floors. There are several finished floor options for concrete floors offered at different price points, and a Grind and Seal system comes in at an affordable cost – in time and money. The process leaves a smooth, clean profile for your concrete floors without the extra costs of a fully polished concrete system.

An up-close view of a Grind and Seal floor.

Grind and Seal vs Polished Concrete

So, what’s the difference between a Grind and Seal and Polished Concrete? A Grind and Seal system takes off the texture and rough areas of the concrete in only one to two grinding passes. In a Polished Concrete system, there are five or more grinding passes in the installation process depending on the level of aggregate exposure desired. With a Grind and Seal, there is varied aggregate exposure. Read about our Polished Concrete Process to learn more.

Why Use DCD?

Our Grind and Seal system, StrongTread Saver, uses penetrating sealers and stain guards to protect the finished floor and leave a long-lasting impression. Our system provides a more durable finish over the traditional acrylic concrete sealers that are often used in Grind and Seal installations. The products we use seep into the concrete slab and harden over time to make the floor abrasion resistant and easy to clean.

Need Affordable Concrete Flooring?

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