STAR Financial Bank

STAR Financial Bank has opened their new headquarters to join the downtown Fort Wayne skyline with their seven-story building. The entryway and lobby feature terrazzo flooring installed by Dancer Concrete Design and 30 precast terrazzo stairs made by CAST Terrazzo Products.

The customer chose a custom blend of glass, white marble, and mother-of-pearl aggregates for the terrazzo called “Shoot For The Stars.” The lobby terrazzo is placed in the shape of a star to match the bank’s logo and finished to a stellar shine. After final finishing, 32 coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and one dollars, were inlaid within the terrazzo.

The flooring seamlessly transitions up the stairways with our CAST Rise-Run Treads. These “L”-shaped treads eliminate any gap between the outward lip of the stair tread and the riser, and the stairs match the terrazzo mix used in the flooring pour to create a cohesive space in STAR’s HQ.

Design by One Eleven Design.

Photography by Matt Ayers at Anchor Films.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


Surface Terrazzo Flooring
CAST Rise-Run Treads
CAST Terrazzo Base


Shoot For the Stars Blend