Wabash Schools

At Wabash High Schools’ (Wabash, Indiana) new gymnasium the bleacher’s deck on the second story needed to serve two purposes. One is to set hundreds of fans for the many activities and games that happen in the gym, but when not in use for that – the bleachers actually roll up to make space for an auxiliary practice gym.

When designing and determining loads a construction method of pre-tensioned concrete platforms were chosen for the structure of the floor. In this method, the concrete has a convex curve – that flattens under load. (For Example when the bleachers are full). But when the bleachers are not in use there is a different curve to the floors. Now, this is undetectable on such a large space with the human eye, but you can see that this movement had caused some cracking in the topping slab poured on top of the pre-tensioned concrete panels. (For more information on this process – click here for a blog post with sketches).

Epoxy, by design, is a very hard and durable product and has very little elasticity. So in this scenario – we developed a product system that moves in the same relation to the topping slab. A rubberized epoxy system that could flex and move as the structure moves. We call this our Treadwell Flex+. It looks and performs on the surface like typical epoxy, but the underlayers are designed and installed to perform with this flex in mind.

Our company, Dancer Concrete Desing installed the resinous floor coating as well as all basketball lane markings.

This same system has severe customers who want to install resinous floor coatings in multi-story buildings, in garages where there is living space underneath, on rooftop decks, and anywhere you need to create a system that flexes and has more elasticity than a typical epoxy system.


Wabash, Indiana