Element Energy

Element Energy celebrated their grand opening at 4033 Ice Way in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Owners Damien Brewster and Amber Neff created the nutritional club to offer customizable wellness drinks, including Energy Teas, protein-packed Shakes, Aloe Refreshers, and coffee options. All of the store’s details are carefully considered, from the Shakes, Teas, and Energy Bombs down to the Polished Concrete installed by Dancer Concrete Design.

Polished concrete ticked all the boxes for their modern vibe: cost-effective, versatile, and customizable. Our StrongTread Polish – Modern system with a black penetrating dye was chosen for the swirling movement that is unique to honing the cap of concrete. An 800-grit finish was chosen to achieve a high sheen.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana



Black Penetrating Dye
High Sheen