Meet Element Energy – a nutritional club focused on “spreading loving energy and positive vibes to the Fort Wayne community,” says founder, Damien Brewster. He and his cofounder, Amber Neff, recently celebrated their grand opening, and offer a full menu of customizable wellness drinks that includes Energy Teas, protein-packed Shakes, Aloe Refreshers, and coffee options.

“We’re really big on cultivating positivity and mental wellness”, says Damien. And from first-hand experience, we can say that the intentionality is felt. Damien and Amber leverage their nursing backgrounds and experiences to help tailor their products for dietary considerations and make macro recommendations upon request. 

Damien’s favorite Energy Bomb is the “North Pole” –  an herbal tea with guarana extract, panax ginseng, biotin, and B vitamins, made with stevia leaf extract for 0g of sugar. Another favorite is the “Caramel Glazed Monkey Bread” Shake, which is packed with 24g of protein. 

All of the store’s details are carefully considered, from the Shakes and Teas down to the Polished Concrete installed by Dancer Concrete Design.

Damien was looking to create a modern vibe in Element Energy, and polished concrete ticked all the boxes: cost-effective, versatile, and customizable. He connected with Project Leader Nathan Heintzeman to chat through flooring options that would meet the vision. 

Our StrongTread Polish – Modern system with a black penetrating dye was chosen for the swirling movement that is unique to honing the cap of concrete, along with an 800-grit, high sheen finish to reflect the light from the windows and brighten the space.

Stop in for a drink, and you’ll leave with some positive vibes – free of charge. 

Find them at 4033 Ice Way, Fort Wayne, IN.

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