Dancer Concrete Design offers a variety of topcoat finishes for your TreadWell Urethane Mortar floor. The strengths and limitations are depicted below, and we are happy to help you pick the best finish for your environment.

Topcoats At A Glance


Color-Fast is a 100% solids, three-component, cementitious aliphatic urethane topcoat. This is typically chosen for its sheen, UV resistance, and chemical resistance in most food processing facilities.

TF Plus

TF Plus is a solvent-free, high-build coating based on polyurethane technology. This product is typically chosen for its service temperature down to -100 degrees F. This floor’s matte finish can look dirty faster.


Novalac is a specialty epoxy topcoat designed to protect against chemicals, acids, solvents, and high temperatures. This is typically an option when dealing with the most dynamic chemical needs.

Shop Floor / Armor Top

Shop Floor / Armor Top is formulated for high-traffic areas to protect against chemicals and wear. This finish has the highest abrasion resistance. This provides little thermal shock value.

Commercial epoxy flooring system at at Dot & Line
Dot & Line chose Color-Fast for their Urethane Mortar topcoat in their open-concept brewery.

Need More Clarity to Choose a Topcoat?

Reach out for a quote and recommendations for your specific project’s needs.