Epoxy at Dot & Line Brewing Company

The Dot & Line Brewing Company took an open concept approach when designing their brewery and testing areas. The brewery area is separated by a unique and custom-designed wood and plexiglass fence to allow customers to see the process and the art of the brewing process. The designs, which were done in-house, feature a Urethane Mortar floor allowing easy mop-up and maintenance for this high-use area. The client thoughtfully selected the Charcoal color which complements the equipment and the rest of the design.

Urethane Mortar, Treadwell Urethane Mortar Urethane mortars are used in the most abusive floor settings. It upholds performance in extreme temperatures. This floor requires no priming and can be installed on “green” concrete, offering quicker installation than other epoxy flooring systems. Urethane mortar floors offer all of the benefits of broadcast epoxy, with additional benefits of impact and thermal shock resistance.

Great for:
Food Grade Facilities, Industrial/Commercial Kitchens, Heavy Duty Manufacturing, Breweries, & areas where Thermal Shock is of concern