Decorative Quartz is a medium-duty flooring system that combines high-end aesthetics and durability for commercial and industrial settings. With slip and stain resistance, durability, and countless color combinations to choose from, Decorative Quartz is a popular epoxy system by Dancer Concrete Design.

What is Decorative Quartz?

Decorative Quartz is an epoxy flooring system that broadcasts quartz, also referred to as sand, over a solid-colored epoxy coat to create a durable and seamless floor. The quartz is made up of fine sand that comes in a variety of colors to match your brand.

The broadcasted quartz is then covered with a protective top coat. An optional urethane coat can be added once the top coat is cured for additional sealant protection.

Decorative Quartz is a great choice for commercial kitchens like Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream.

System Features

Slip Resistance. The floor’s texture provides slip resistance for wet areas like kitchens and showers.

Stain Resistance. The protective top coat has you covered for minor spills.

Durability. One of the most abrasion-resistant floors available. The best choice for cleated locker rooms.

Customization. Our variety of colors can be matched to your brand.

Watch The Installation Process

Dancer Concrete Design has a multi-step process to install Decorative Quartz so that you get the BEST WORK for your floors:

– Prepare the floor for Epoxy
– Apply a Water-Based Epoxy Primer
– Use a 100% Solids Epoxy Body Coat
– Apply the Quartz Broadcast
– Use a 100% Solids Epoxy Body Coat
– Apply the Quartz Broadcast
– Install Clear Epoxy and Urethane Topcoats

Recommended Maintenance

The best way to maintain a Decorative Quartz floor by Dancer Concrete Design is with a broom and a squeegee. First, broom the floor to sweep up any debris, and then use water and a squeegee to clean the floor. A mop does not effectively clean with the texture of the quartz broadcast.

Ready to Get Started?

Wondering if Decorative Quartz by Dancer Concrete Design is a good fit for your next project? Reach out to our Project Leaders to request a quote. Our Team is here for you to get BEST WORK for your floors.