Recently, a local company got in touch with us about epoxy floor options for their break rooms. Each space was a few hundred square feet and got moderate daily foot traffic. They wanted an option that would be long-lasting, cost-effective, and look similar to the space they already had. They weren’t sure what this was going to be. We spent a few minutes talking with them about how their break rooms are used. 

How do you use your space?

  • How many people use the space?
  • How frequently?
  • What type of wheeled traffic are regularly in the space?
  • What expectations do you have?

Knowing what you need and want when looking at epoxy floor systems helps get the best fit for you and your space. Epoxy floor systems offer a wide range of versatility. This makes them an ideal choice for any situation. It also makes it so technical and industry language is everywhere. From how thick a system is, to its tensile strength, or how much it smells during application; but nothing that makes it clear which one is right for you. 

We recommended our TreadWell Color+ system for the break rooms. It’s a low-fuss, no-frills system. It works well with moderate foot traffic. The system comes in a number of different colors, making it easy to match the existing space. A mop is all that’s needed to keep the floor clean. This system isn’t designed for heavy, mechanical traffic (like forklifts or cars). It has no special features. Because some spaces just need a simple floor system.

Epoxy floors are customized to you.

Other TreadWell floor choices make for great break rooms. TreadWell Decorative Chip is a durable, long-lasting system that has nearly limitless customization options. It can withstand heavier traffic than the Color+ system and is a favorite in garages and prep kitchens. This extra durability is great in flex-use spaces. 

What made the Color+ system our recommendation was how simple their needs for their break rooms were. They just needed a floor that would have a few tables with some people sitting and eating, and could be easily cleaned.

Being DESIGN DRIVEN means working with what you have and need right now. It’s looking at the options and offering guidance to address the issues you’re having with your floors. Sometimes the best answer is a Decorative Chip system, sometimes it’s the Color+ system. 

The best flooring option is the one that fixes the issues you are having and doesn’t create new ones.
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TreadWell Color+ in use at Rocket Fizz in Fort Wayne, IN.