ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. An ESD epoxy floor is a seamless static control flooring system with grounding capabilities for areas with nuisance static. Common installation sites include data centers, laboratories, processing areas, and electronics assembly areas. Our TreadWell ESD+ flooring system is a solid color, medium-duty epoxy flooring system designed for utility and functionality to minimize the risks of electrostatic discharge.


1. Application of the ESD Epoxy Primer

2. Installation of Copper Foil Tape

3. Application of the ESD Body Coat

4. Application of ESD Urethane Topcoats

5. Tested and Certified


  • Durability. The final ESD urethane topcoat increases abrasion resistance.

  • Brighter Space. The finished satin sheen brightens the space and makes for a seamless installation.

  • Inspected and Approved. All floors are certified within specifications upon completion. The reading is consistent for the lifetime of the floor. Environmental factors do not affect the floor’s utility.

Our ESD Body Coats come in five standard colors:


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