Polished concrete offers a refined clarity to a floor. Unlike a sheen from a topical sealer, it’s more like a polished stone. As the concrete floor is polished there may be some other areas that catch our eye; how about that accent wall or the face of the steps, can those be finished and polished as well, just like the floor?

Yes. Most vertical surfaces can be polished, just like the floor. There are a few variables, at play that might help with the decision, or help offer a plan of action if this is an option.

With vertical surfaces, the concrete placed can be poured into forms and then pulled the next day or later. This process typically leaves ‘bug holes’ or voids in the concrete. If looking for an exposed stone look, this may be more difficult. The form marks will also leave impressions that when polished will expose a variety of stone exposure. If you are pouring new concrete to be polished the best solution is to wipe the wall, during the pour. In this process (not all schedules or timelines will allow for this), you would remove the form when pouring and hand trowel the concrete. This creates a denser surface and a more uniform consistency. Another option is to use a melamine or laminate type liner on the inside of the wall form and add the use of a superplasticizer into the concrete. This allows for a more dense and smooth surface to then be polished.

In either way, polishing vertical surfaces will require the use of several hand tools with a variety of pads and applicators. The process to polish this vertical surface will take a bit more time, patience and attention to detail but is possible in most instances. In an area where the concrete is not in the best condition to polish the existing concrete, an overlay can be used create a thin layer of new concrete to be worked and finished, much like the floor.

Of course, if we can help with questions or planning aroud vertical surfaces for your project, please email us at create@dancerconcrete.com or by phone at 260.748.2252