Van Wert Humane Society, located in Van Wert, Ohio, needed several unique epoxy solutions for their concrete floors. They decided on our TreadWell Decorative Chip system to be installed throughout their new animal shelter and adoption center. They had created a step-up dog bath that needed a vertical integral cove solution and had several drains throughout the facility that needed extra attention to be BEST WORK.

For their step-up dog bath, they needed a space that would clean well and keep the floor joints waterproof. Our integral cove is a vertical epoxy that creates a seamless transition from the floor to the wall where water cannot seep through joints. We do not use pre-made vinyl cove strips; instead, we hand-build the cove, prime, and then apply a body coat, decorative epoxy chips, and a top coat to the junction. This process allows us to install custom cove transitions to unique areas, like the Humane Society’s dog bath.

The Humane Society also had long, straight drains that ran through their dog kennels and circular drains throughout the building, including the communal cat room. Drains are an easy place to establish BEST WORK. A clean drain requires the right preparations and attention with each step in order to look and function properly. We notch an outline and neatly tape up the entire drain so the epoxy can come in flush to the ring and keep the product from entering the drain.

We recently posted a Project Feature of Van Wert Humane Society here, where we share more photos and information on the project.

Our TreadWell Decorative Chip epoxy system is made for medium-duty abuse and is a great fit for any animal-centered environment. This long-lasting epoxy system brings together aesthetics and function to make your floors stand out.

– RESISTANCE. Slip- and stain-resistance surfaces to keep you and your floors safe.
– MAINTENANCE. Easy to maintain and clean.
– LONG-TERM. Durability that holds up to the fast-paced wear and tear of a commercial environment.


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