A traditional cove base is a trim where the edge of your floor meets the wall – think vinyl or wood trim. Integral cove is a hand-built epoxy trim made before the installation of the main flooring system to create a seamless transition. This creates a bathtub effect by forming a watertight seal between the wall and floor. Integral cove is a great solution for areas that see a lot of water and need to be cleaned frequently, like animal shelters, hospitals, and restaurants.


To create the best cove, we are purposeful with our placement. We are mindful from the start, from how we layout cove strips to how we tape off areas to protect your surfaces. Before installing the main epoxy floor coating, we build the cove to 4″ or 6″ up the wall then smooth and clean the edges with a hand trowel. The cove is allowed to set before a primer and then the topcoat is installed.


We teach all our new Craftsmen about our epoxy process through a two- to three-day training. We use a practice pad in our Shop to teach on before sending our Craftsmen out into the field. They spend the first part of their training focusing on building an integral cove system that includes installing inside and outside corners.

At DCD, we have six main steps to our training:

Prepare — We prepare for what we are teaching by lining up resources and scheduling training time.

Tell — We explain what we are going to do and why we are doing it.

Show — We show what to do in real-time and explain the results we expect.

Do — We allow the task to be completed at a learner’s pace.

Review — We inspect the work and provide feedback.

30X Rule — If something takes us an hour to do, we expect to train for 30 hours on that task.

By spending the time to train, we share how important this process is to the young leaders we employ. Our business’s Driving Force is GROWING LEADERS Who Deliver BEST WORK.

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