Written by Harrison Tash | Founder and Lead Consultant of Living Water Consulting

Organizations will hire and rehire, but not everyone “sticks.” Why? One of the answers is simple yet complex… because you didn’t find the right person. The keyword is right… what does that even mean!? Right should be defined by what you value; what you value guides who you have in your organization.

Here’s Dancer Concrete Design’s values:






But once you get the right people in your organization, how do you keep the cycle going? This requires us to first realize that the work is never done. We should and will always need the right people. But finding them is just the first step of something I call the Escalator Model. It goes like this…

Know your values.

Find the right people.

Develop the right people.

Empower the right people.

Multiply the right people.

Right = Values

Some practical applications to become the right person:

1. Vicariously learn. Don’t wait until you’ve “been there” or “done that”, listen to people and be willing to learn from their achievements and failures. 

2. Diversely collaborate. If you think you have the answer, go find someone who thinks totally different than you and get their perspective. Too often, we surround ourselves with people just like us. 

3. Learn applicable assertiveness. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, learn to insert your value appropriately. If you don’t know your value, ask someone. Your value is your unique talents like problem-solving or detailed analysis. 

4. Be tactfully inquisitive. Learn to ask the right questions that aren’t so obvious, keep asking why, like a 5-year-old. Ask questions when you know there’s more to the “story”.

5. Have empathetic candidness. Put yourself in others’ shoes and ask the hard questions in a direct way. Don’t steer away from being direct and truthful, do it out of love, not pride.

Our Vision is to grow young leaders who run the best small business — and inspire others to do the same.

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