Control joints are cuts placed by the concrete pouring crew as part of their installation process. The purpose of this joint is to simply impart a weakened plane in the concrete, so the concrete cracks at that predetermined point. This process hides the inevitable cracks of concrete in a linear grid pattern.

Why fill them? Filled-in control joints in polished concrete and stained concrete provide an easier-to-clean surface, where the joints are protected from future damage and provide a smooth and finished joint.

When do you fill them? In new construction, there are a lot of moving pieces. As concrete cures and the initial moisture is pulled from the surface, there will be shrinkage that occurs. The WIN is to wait as long as possible to fill these joints toward the end of the construction process. If you don’t, the joints may look good at install, but will break away from the slab when the building is conditioned and dried out. Joint fill installation should take place after a concrete slab fully cures, which takes about 60 to 90 days. Read our new concrete guide to learn more.

How does it happen? Our work involves cleaning, filling, and shaving joints. First, we clean any debris from the joint and soap the concrete on both sides of the joint to prevent overfill from sticking to the concrete where it will be a finished surface. We then fill the joints with product using a polyurea pump. After the product sets into the joints, we scrape off the excess product to leave a flat and level surface.

Why us? We buy our joint fill product in bulk, allowing us to have stock and provide some of the most competitive pricing for installing the best joint fill. We do joint filing for some of the largest buildings in the Fort Wayne and South Bend area.

Finished joint fill job with a StrongTread Classic installation. This was a 25,500 square foot manufacturing warehouse with 4,720 linear feet of filled control joints in Berne, Indiana.


Have control joints in your concrete floors you’d like filled? Reach out to us to start your project. Our Project Leaders, Jacob, Nathan, and Ben, are here to help you get the BEST WORK for your floors.