Animal care facilities need floors that will hold up to the wear and tear of our furry friends as well as the routine cleaning that keeps the space looking fresh. Dancer Concrete Design recommends our TreadWell epoxy flooring systems and options for your animal care facility.

Our first recommendation is our TreadWell Decorative Chip system, which we have used in many animal shelters, kennels, and hospitals. This system incorporates a vinyl chip broadcast to create a durable and seamless floor. 

Another flooring system option we see in animal care environments is our TreadWell Decorative Quartz system. This system uses a double quartz broadcast and installs at a higher price point. This is a very durable option that provides additional slip resistance, but it requires more elbow grease to clean.

Both systems are medium-duty flooring options that provide slip and stain resistance, durability, and countless color combinations. An optional mortar base is available for either system. Our mortar base provides additional impact resistance, serves as a moisture mitigation system, and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Additionally, we can build an integral cove base anywhere epoxy floors are installed. Cove is like a seamless trim between the floor and the wall, creating a ‘bathtub’ effect that contains water and messes within the epoxy flooring system. Recently, we built a custom pet bath area using integral cove base at Van Wert Humane Society. The cove was built up the steps into the bath as well as up the bath area’s walls to contain water.

Founder Nick Dancer with his family cat, Clawed.

Finally, there are optional additives to the floor finish: GriP or GriT. GriP improves slip resistance in wet areas, while GriT improves abrasion resistance to the floor. Either additive can be included in the final topcoat installation for your epoxy floor.

No matter which epoxy system you choose, durability is key for any animal care floor. Your floors need to withstand the abrasion and scratching from paws and claws, while also being straightforward to clean, sanitize, and maintain. Dancer Concrete Design recommends a seamless epoxy floor for your next animal care facility.


Even if you are still undecided on which seamless epoxy system to choose, reach out for a quote and get recommendations for your specific project’s needs. Our Project Leaders are here for you to get BEST WORK for you.