We want it all from our floors; low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, safe, durable, and cost effective. That is what makes great design; being able to blend these factors in a way that you can find the perfect balance for your project. This post is to discuss two factors that seem to be in a constant back and forth; safety and the ability to maintain the floor effectively. This post will specifically talk about our DCD Tread GRIP product and what you expect when you use this on your projects.

What it is: Our DCD Tread GRIP is a fine-micronized powder that can be added into catalyzed urethane products (less than 5 mils), to aid in the slip resistance of the surface.

How is it used? The powder is mixed with the catalyzed urethane prior to application. DCD Tread GRIP is only available in a Satin/Matte Finish. The product is then rolled onto the floor during the final application process. Available additive in clear, decorative, and solid color systems.

Where can is be used? We recommend the GRIP additive in areas where there will be water on the floor on a regular basis. This may include showers, light-duty prep kitchens, and areas where clients are concerned about the slip-resistance of the space. This floor additive is recommended for rubber-soled foot traffic and rubber-wheeled traffic.

Cleaning. The DCD Tread GRIP has a grippy feel to it. The product ‘catches’ and prevents slips. That same science will also want to grab dirt, debris, and marks. This floor is smooth enough to be able to be mopped but for the most effective cleaning a soft bristle push broom and wet vacuum will do a more thorough job. For larger spaces an auto scrubber fitted with a soft-bristle head will be the most effective.

Limitations – The clear version is not recommended in heavy-duty kitchens applications with a frying line, commercial dish washing operation, or with boiling water. For these installs see our Treadwell Decorative Sand, Treadwell Shop, or Treadwell Mortar.

Coefficient of Friction: Testing by a third party, using a calibrated tribometer produced a result of .69 using a leather sole. The same testing using a rubber sole produced results greater than 1.0. Yes we need to add this as well – We are not a testing company, and these results were produced in a controlled manner. Your job-site conditions, and installation is unique. If these specific measurements are of upmost importance, we recommend 3rd-party testing to confirm this on a on-site sample prior to installation. 

Other Safety Finishes:

  • DCD – StrongTread Traction. A grip aided conditioning process for polished concrete floors.
  • DCD – Tough GRIT. A sand broadcast method used in our Treadwell Industrial, Treadwell Shop,  Treadwell Decorative Sand, and Mortar installations. Leaves a rougher sand finish application. Cleaning to be done with scrub brush and squeege. Can be combined with GRIP as needed.

For samples, specification, or questions about your project please reach out at create@dancerconcrete.com.