Find a Terrazzo Flooring Company in Fort Wayne, IN

Stunning, durable floors are lovely additions to any commercial space and can take your business to the next level. However, finding a high-quality terrazzo flooring company in Fort Wayne, IN that guarantees your flooring is installed correctly and looks fabulous is challenging for many businesses.

Before selecting an installation service for your new terrazzo, it’s essential that you have all the facts about this type of flooring and why it is an attractive option for business upgrades. Individuals and businesses seeking terrazzo flooring companies in Fort Wayne, IN, can find everything they’re looking for in a service like Dancer Concrete. This article offers essential information on terrazzo flooring and why you should consider Dancer Concrete for your flooring needs.

What are Terrazzo Floors?

Terrazzo is a style of old-world Italian flooring created by combining marble chips or broken stones and glass with an epoxy matrix. This mixture creates unique patterns with different finishes and colors to suit your business. Terrazzo is placed on top of a concrete subfloor in many commercial businesses.

Where Can You Use Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo floors are suitable for virtually any organization or residential property. Terrazzo is most popular in public spaces like schools, government buildings, and airports.

Benefits of Terrazzo Floors

Numerous benefits contribute to the popularity of terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo floors are often considered the best flooring for schools and airports but is used in various industries and commercial properties. This style also offers the best flooring for schools and can help create a professional atmosphere in your business with unique, mesmerizing design options.

However, these are only a few of the many benefits terrazzo offers. Below are some additional benefits of terrazzo floors you might have yet to consider.

Terrazzo Floors are Highly Durable

An attractive feature of terrazzo is its durability. Many commercial businesses hire flooring companies to install terrazzo because the material is stain-resistant and protects against water damage. Terrazzo is ideal for commercial buildings with high foot traffic, such as airports, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Terrazzo’s durability means that your floors won’t chip away as they might with other flooring materials.

Terrazzo tiles are long-lasting and easy to maintain, making them wise for the long-term upkeep of your organization. If terrazzo flooring loses its luster after some time, restoring it to its original state is simple through affordable refinishing solutions. For instance, Dance Concrete provides its StrongTread polished floor system to make your terrazzo tiles look good as new. StrongTread can extend your floor’s life span as a penetrating sealer to offer additional durability than you’ll find with the average topical sealer.

Is Terrazzo Flooring Eco-Friendly?

A major draw of terrazzo tiles is their eco-friendly design. Terrazzo is essential for sustainable buildings because it can be made from recycled materials to comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Standards (LEED) goals for a healthier environment.

Floor Tiles are Easy to Maintain

Terrazzo floor tiles are ideal for commercial businesses looking to reduce time spent on maintenance and building upkeep. The material in terrazzo is typically maintained with routine, simple sweeping or mopping, eliminating the hassle of sustaining other flooring materials.

Terrazzo Floors are Sanitary

Sanitary floor materials are an essential resource for numerous companies, especially in specific rooms where bacteria and infections are more likely to spread. For instance, hospitals and healthcare facilities often require non-porous solutions like terrazzo. Bathroom bacteria isn’t the only concern in large organizations–other spaces, like patient rooms and corridors, are at high risk of accumulating harmful bacteria.

Terrazzo Flooring has Unlimited Options

A benefit of terrazzo flooring that allows it to stand out among other flooring materials is the seemingly endless design and architecture options. Terrazzo is customizable and ideal for helping your company stand out for its design. The tiles can have virtually any color or design pattern, allowing you to highlight your company logo or other themes and designs that represent your business.

How Much Does Terrazzo Flooring Cost?

Before moving forward and enlisting the help of a flooring installation company, it’s essential to weigh the cost of terrazzo floors compared to other flooring materials to determine what solution will benefit your company’s finances. Therefore, you must ask: how much does terrazzo flooring cost?

This question boils down to how you view your company finances. Terrazzo flooring materials are typically on the more expensive side of flooring materials and can incur a high initial cost that you should be financially prepared to handle. When considering terrazzo for its upfront cost only, it’s natural to feel hesitant about this investment, especially if your company’s square footage is exceptional. However, terrazzo flooring is also one of the most cost-effective solutions your company can select. The reason that many people consider terrazzo as an affordable solution is because of its durability and low maintenance costs. While it might cost more per square foot, terrazzo will need very few repairs and has an incredibly low-cost life cycle. If you’re unsure whether terrazzo is a wise investment, you can speak with the experts at Dancer Concrete and request a quote.

Terrazzo Flooring Companies: Fort Wayne, IN

While you might be drawn to this excellent material, exploring options for terrazzo flooring companies is essential. Fort Wayne, IN, residents can turn to the expert services Dancer Concrete provides. Dancer Concrete provides high-quality terrazzo flooring and installation services for numerous organizations and can help you find a solution that suits your budget. Additionally, flooring services by Dancer Concrete are perfect for polishing your existing terrazzo floors to bring them back to their original, vibrant appearance. Choosing to polish the flooring with the help of Dancer Concrete experts is an affordable decision for long-lasting results. If you are looking for expert terrazzo flooring companies in Fort Wayne, contact the experts at Dancer Concrete today to get a quote or inquire about Dancer Concrete’s numerous flooring options.