It is a common expression around here, but “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT” is the best way we know how to describe and capture the art and science of polished concrete. Found at the intersection of aesthetics, durability and practicality, polished concrete is gaining traction as the ultimate flooring solution especially in remodels. Our StrongTread Remodel system has proven to be an ideal option in spaces where a distinctive feature will enhance the entire design. Much like a snow flake, a zebra’s stripes or your own fingerprint, no two polished concrete floors will be the exact same. While being unique is desirable, concrete is a natural product and does come with some inherent imperfections that may be attractive to some and more of an acquired taste to others.

All of our remodel systems will achieve a ‘Mixed’ aggregate exposure as we have to start the process with abrasive enough tooling to remove the existing adhesives or sealers. This could mean large stone exposure in areas and cement fines in others. Depending on the slab, we could also achieve a consistent medium aggregate exposure throughout. The final overall look can also be influenced by the floor covering or coverings that were on the surface prior to our arrival. Any type of tile that was removed may leave a grid pattern, or ghosting, in the surface. Often times it is faint but is still visible. Ghosting isn’t necessarily bad. Once again, it comes back to personal preference. This does not impact the durability or effectiveness of your polished concrete; it simply makes it a unique attribute. In order to even out the color throughout the space and create a cohesive composition, we have had success incorporating a penetrating dye. Dyes do a good job hiding the undesired imperfections and can bring a pop of color into the space as well.

While we enjoy and appreciate the little unique intricacies that each slab has to offer, we understand the reality that it isn’t for everyone. If you are the type of person that needs predictability and uniformity, polished concrete might not be the best option for your project. We will let you know that each of our floors can be looked at as its own piece and when we are finished you will have a one of a kind floor that is very durable and easy to maintain.

By – Nick Morken.