Our StrongTread Essential System is a popular choice for its affordability to polish a new concrete floor. The mix of hybrid polishing steps provides a smooth finish that offers a mix of concrete aggregate exposure of Class A (cream) and Class B (light salt and pepper). There will be some inevitable inconsistencies on this floor that are dependent on the concrete placement and finishing.

Finish. A mixture of light aggregate (Class B)  and cream (Class A). Final depth is dependent upon current concrete condition. 

Sheen. Matte, Satin, High Sheen

Expected Variations. This finishing process will use resin-bonded honing diamonds to cut open the cap or top layer of the concrete, to expose small fines (aggregate) in the concrete. There is still some variation, and movement in these floors from underlying concrete tonalities. 

Color Options. Penetrating Dye or Reactive Stain. 

Available Surfaces. New, unsealed concrete floors that have been power troweled smooth. 

Limitations. This finish will be smoother than the modern, but may still highlight some concrete finishing marks or highlight low spots in the concrete. Concrete curing marks or blanket marks will still be visible. The floor must be protected well during construction. This polishing pass may not get out all scratches, or minor knicks in the concrete. 

Process. A wet hybrid-bonded honing pass, dry resin bonded polishing, concrete densification, subsequent polishing steps, and final stain guard. 

Why. An entry level full polished concrete floor that offers an affordable or minimal-type polishing process. 

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