Polished concrete stairs are a great way to highlight your space and building materials. We hand grind each of the steps, rather than use a larger grinding machine, to complete the work. It’s a labor-intensive process, but the finish is worth the extra steps.

We recently delivered two BEST WORK polished concrete stairways at Huntington Police Station and Lippert Components; both projects were our StrongTread Classic system for new concrete.

– LOOK. As the name suggests, this is a classic look for concrete. We cut the “cap” of the new concrete off to reveal a traditional salt and pepper aggregate finish.
– MAINTENANCE. Simple, easy-to-clean flooring to maintain longevity.
– AFFORDABLE. A sustainable and effective choice for a low lifetime cost.

Polished concrete stairs at the Huntington City Police Station.
StrongTread Classic stairs at Huntington City Police Station were delivered with BEST WORK.
A polished concrete stairway with a large window reflecting light at Lippert Components.
The salt and pepper aggregate of StrongTread Classic pop with the light from the window at Lippert Components.