SealCraft is a family of concrete floor sealers that provide the look of polished concrete in spaces that have additional considerations.

SealCraft Shine Saver is a fast and affordable option that prevents dusting while looking good. Additional coats can be applied in high-traffic areas to increase longevity.

SealCraft Clear+ offers the benefits of an epoxy or urethane floor with the look of polished concrete. This makes it a great option in spaces that will be consistently wet, like light-duty kitchens, or where GriP or GriT are needed.

SealCraft Shine Saver


Selfie Studio DCD SealCraft Shine Saver

Retail Space at Jefferson Point


SealCraft Clear+


clyde theatre

The Clyde Theater

Polished Concrete floors are the perfect design element for any use.

Our Project Leaders can help you find the polished concrete remodel options for your floor.

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