To download a print version of the 2018 Terms and Agreement, please click here.

Supplements to this agreement include;

Thank you for choosing to work with our company for your project. We believe in good design, great craftsmanship, and creating durable surfaces that will last for years to come. If you have made it this far, you must think the same. Our goal is to be accommodating and simple to work with, we provide this document to set clear expectations on how we can work together effectively and come to a win-win for your project. Your project leader should be a good point of contact as we work together. If at any time you need to reach me directly – Yes, the guy writing this – my cell is 260-415-1951 and my email is

This is written in plain English, because that is how we think and only lawyers can decipher legal language.


All permits or applicable certificates for any construction work should be handled by owner or General Contractor.


We carry all necessary liability insurance and everyone employed by our company on your site is covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Please email  or your project leader for any insurance or tax information you may need. No worries we have any and all insurance you may ever need.

We will be using large concrete grinders and vacuums in your space during the installation. There may be small dings, dents, some scratches from our equipment on the walls by the time we finish. We recommend installing our floors prior to the final coat of paint or expect the painter to have some ‘punch list’ or touch up type work upon finish. Our work is also done with the expectation that trim goes in after we finish – up at least 3.5” from finished floor height.

If there is any damage beyond this, please let us know. Your project will be assigned an on-site team leader and project manager – please reach out to them at any time. You will have their email address and phone number before we get on-site.


Projects are placed on the schedule when we receive official notice to schedule via Purchase Order, Contract, Deposit, or Signed Agreement has been received (this one).

Installation price listed on proposal unless noted otherwise is quoted in good faith for normal day-time business hours and working conditions, Monday – Friday. Our team loves their family– if you want us to work weird hours or weekends – it’s a lot easier to move around schedules when we can pay our team a premium.

  • Work that must be completed on a Saturday or on overtime of our team is at least a 15% premium.
  • Work that must be completed on a Sunday is at least a 30% premium.
  • Night work for second or third shifts is at least a 10% premium.
  • Normal working conditions exclude such items but are not limited to: prevailing wage, union wage, certified payroll, mandatory work stoppages, operational delays.


We use the best in vacuum and HEPA filter technology to minimize our own exposure to concrete dust as well as keep the job as clean as possible. We will also work in a way to meet OSHA’s 2017 standard for silica dust. During all dry grinding steps an appropriate vacuum will be connected to the grinder. There will be no ‘clouds of dust’ – (not like the guys cutting the road and dust blowing all over your car.) Inevitably there will be traces of dust in the environment when we leave. We recommend a good cleaning or hiring a cleaning crew once we finish. We like to work Neat, Clean and Organized – but we are a few steps away from cleaning good enough for the way you like it, or being open for business.

If you have HVAC openings to collect air and distribute to other parts of your building, we recommend you cover these while we work.

If your project requires extensive dust control measures; for example, work to be done in phases in an open area, please ask your project leader about our DUST CONTROL PACKAGE which includes additional dust control measures such as temporary enclosures and air scrubbers. We have worked is medical prototype rooms, food manufacturing, operational kitchens, and operational hospitals – we can make it work. Unless noted on your bid this additional package is over and above normal work pricing.


Unless noted, the proposal is based upon one set-up and completing work in its entirety. There are additional fees if this cannot be accommodated.

If additional work is to be done while we are on-site beyond current contract, this work will be billed at the end of the project, or part of the progress payments.


Unless noted on the proposal an estimated repair budget for the flooring is to be carried by the general contractor or owner. Repairs to concrete floors are typically unknown until the first cut is complete. These repairs may include; patching of pop-outs, cutting extrusions from concrete, cutting and filling cracks or joints, or any additional repair or prep work needed to achieve the desired finish. Unless noted otherwise we will keep track of our time and material and bill accordingly. We will not laser check, or check floors with level before beginning installation. We expect all floor to be within normal concrete standards of less than ¼” difference in 10’.

2018 Repair Rates

  • patching is $70 per man hour.
  • grinding of a concrete surface includes labor, specialty diamond hand grinder, vacuum and consumable diamond tool wear at $140 per hour.
  • grinding of a concrete surface includes labor, specialty walk-behind concrete grinder, vacuum and consumable diamond tool wear at $250 per hour.
  • Materials used will be billed at a 10% minimum markup from all cost including tax, shipping and product costs.


We offer a full 2-year, all-inclusive warranty on installation. This warranty is for any Dancer Concrete Design Installations of our own brand name systems including SealCraft, Treadwell, and StrongTread.

All work done to your concrete surface is a topical type treatment. We cannot change inherent concrete characteristics of slab movement, shrinkage, cracking, curling or scaling. Yes, concrete can move and shrink.

For work being completed with a specified manufacturer by the Architect or GC, our warranty covers our installation, and material is covered by the specified manufacturer. Our installation warranty is up to what is required under that agreement.


The floor will be finished when we leave the job-site. If construction will continue after we leave, we recommend the installation of a protective board, such as Ram Board. All continuing care and maintenance is the responsibility of the end user. Care and Maintenance instructions will be provided upon completion and can also be found on our website under ‘Helpful Resources.’ We also offer floor buffing, conditioning and re-sealing treatments. No need to replace your floor. We can ‘refresh’ them.


Private Client and Residential Clients. We accept check, cash, and all major credit cards.

  • 50/50 PLAN. A 50% deposit to schedule the work and the remaining balance, including any changes within 5 days of finishing.
  • 3% Prepay. If the full payment is made upon scheduling the project, a 3% total proposed discount can be taken from the proposal. The full payment minus the 3% must be paid upon scheduling. Payment must be in check. No CC cards for prepay discount. Any changes or repairs billed after will also receive the 3% discount as well.

General Contractor & Facilities Work

All new general contractors that would like to pay with terms, please contact your project leader. You may need to fill out a simple credit form if this is our first time working together.

Deposits and Invoices can be sent to:

Dancer Concrete Design
4411 Engle Ridge Drive.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Purchase Orders can be emailed to your Project Leader.