For me there is nothing cooler in a home than having concrete serve as the main floor throughout the space.  When I first received the call for this home up in New Buffalo, Michigan I knew this would be a great project to be a part of. Just like most of our out of town projects, the clients took some pictures of the space and emailed them over for me to get an idea of the space, and figure up the cost to complete the project.  From the first time I saw the pictures I was drawn to the abundant natural light coming through the glass exterior walls and the modern design of the home.  New Buffalo is also a favorite place for my wife and I, so being part of a project in town was very cool.

The homes concrete floors were poured a few years back and although they were a hard durable surface, the floors were finished similar to an outdoor concrete surface. This means the surface had some trowel marks and the floor was very porous and difficult to keep clean. By choosing our complete polishing process we would make multiple passes with our polishing machines and also densify the surface and protect the floor with a stain guard. The final polished concrete floor leads to higher light reflectivity, a smooth surface for bare feet, and a surface that is much easier to keep looking clean. The final polishing pass was made with a 400 grit diamond pass which is considered a Level 1 shine that shows diffused reflections and a soft feel to the space.

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