My relationship with concrete began like most people's—as a structural element in buildings. I was working in a crew pouring walls, floors, and driveways and loving the hard work, camaraderie, and process. But all that changed after getting in a motorcycle accident and breaking my ankle in 2007. While unemployed and healing up, I read a book about using concrete as an artistic medium - creating sculpture, furniture, and even countertops with concrete. I was hooked.

Over the next few years, I trained with artists, engineers, and fabricators who used concrete as their medium. I started a business making countertops and took on challenging projects that were pushing the limits in concrete design. My work was featured in magazines and won numerous awards but I was mainly working by myself. I knew I loved working with my hands, the process of creating, and the team effort required when working with concrete. Taking these ideas as a jumping-off point, I decided to shift and focus on a new path - floors.

With the help of my wife Alexis, we started DCD. It was as grassroots as you can get. I would go out and tackle the jobs with an old work van, a little bit of gear, and daily helpers found on Craigslist; Alexis was working on the back-end of the business handling branding, marketing, and design.

More than a decade later, we have a growing team of people who run a niche business specializing in Polished Concrete, Epoxy Coatings, and Terrazzo. We physically change the design, the feel, and the impact on interior spaces. Although Alexis and I started the company, it was never just about us. DCD is successful and growing because of our Team. Our driving force is simple - we want to make everything that we touch better - People and Concrete.