I happen to be a morning person, a very early morning person.  I have a pretty consistent morning routine that includes a 4:30 wake-up call followed by drinking coffee, reading, working out, sorting through emails, checking Facebook, and then heading off to work.  In my line of business, my morning routine doesn’t always line up with the client’s timeline of having contractors in their space.  Sometimes we have to work around the client’s business hours and change our schedule around by working third shift.  This was the case with our recent concrete polishing project at Connolly’s Do It Best in Fort Wayne.  Our crew did not shy away from the challenge of providing a quality project on the client’s schedule while keeping a clean environment for the client’s open business hours.

Removing the old flooring required hours of manual removal. To make this process faster we had a crew of 4 remove the floor and started the polishing right behind.


The client’s designer approached our company after recognizing that they needed a high end floor that would be consistent with the new upscale offerings of their Benjamin Moore Paint line.  The designer knew that a large percentage of the design and feel of a space is determined by the floor, and that the existing VCT tile and laminate floor was not going to make the cut for the high quality look the client desired. This well designed and color enhanced floor will catch the eye of those who want to purchase the best products available on Connolly’s shelves.  This rebranded department will soon have several remodeled parts at its completion, but we had the honor of providing the first key piece to this high end store remodel.  After discussing options and making an on-site sample, a final finish of a Level 3 -1600 grit shine was chosen. The floor was also dyed the colors Midnight Black and Sand in a predetermined flow to bring movement and color variation to the space.

Working with details might just be our specialty. We have a crew of trained craftsman than can make sure all areas are polished.


Since our work had to be completed at night while the store was closed we rearranged our sleep habits to become nocturnal, creatures of the night, or night owls.  The work to be completed for this project was broken into two sections to keep store operations flowing during daytime hours. Our entire process was to remove the existing floor and make 8 passes with the concrete polisher to achieve the Level 3 Shine.  We completed each section in two nights and the floor was able to be put into full use by opening of the fifth day.

With the store being open during the day we took extra precautions to maintain a clean environment for customers to shop.  One of the challenges in grinding and polishing concrete is that the process generates large amounts of dust and debris. This was not a problem for us as we have made extensive investments in top of the line concrete vacuum systems to keep the air clean and to minimize dust exposure to other areas. This entire project was able to be completed without masking off or placing barriers to other parts of the store.

The proper vacuums make all the difference in making sure the area stays dust free. Here we have the large polisher making the initial cut on the concrete surface.. As you can see the dust generated is contained during this process.

This entire project was the result of hard work and dedication from our experienced and dedicated team who worked through long hours at night to make sure this project was a success. We finished Thursday night/Friday morning allowing us the weekend to catch up on our sleep and put my morning routine back in action.