Custom-dyed logos make your brand stand out, and are a great choice for schools, sports teams, and businesses. We use penetrating dyes to create a long-lasting, durable color treatment for interior concrete floors. The dye can be used on concrete polishing or sealing applications by penetrating deep into the porous concrete surfaces – just like a wood stain soaking into wood.

Dyeing is done about three-quarters of the way through the process; first, we polish, lay down the dye, add a densifier to dust-proof and protect the color, and then finish the polish.

– LOOK. The translucent color looks great over exposed aggregate from the polishing process.
– RELIABLE. Dyes offer a consistent and color-matched look.
– AFFORDABLE. Quicker installation means less downtime and labor costs, which makes this a smart choice for your project.

Lakewood Park Christian School’s custom dyed logo on polished concrete.


Have a design you’d like to see on your floors? Reach out to us to start your custom-dyed logo project. Our Project Leaders, Jacob, Nathan, and Ben, are here to help you get the BEST WORK for your floors.