It’s the calendar of construction office dreams. An eighties-inspired photoshoot of ensuing hilarity, shenanigans, and hidden puns. Back in December 2022, sixteen Team Members and accomplice photographer Matt Ayers from Anchor Films set off to pull off a New Year’s surprise for our owner Nick Dancer.

The idea was to make a Dancer Concrete Design version of the New York City Firefighters’ calendar, complete with power tools, squeegees, and vinyl epoxy chips. Most of the guys are sporting modified safety green work shirts and/or cut-off shorts for their moment in the spotlight.

Photographer Matt Ayers said they “had two goals — make the shots as absurd and hilarious as possible, and also be sure each photo was connected to the day-to-day work at DCD. The guys came up with their own ideas and tied things back to the work by incorporating a tool into each shot. It was awesome seeing how a project like this gave everyone ownership of the brand in a new way.”

DCD Team Leader Matt Dunno, featured in October, said this idea “was a long time coming” and has been “teasing” it since working with Matt and Anchor Films in 2021. “It was so fun, and our Team’s dynamic is what made it happen.”

The Calendar

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